18′ Round 54″ Deep Deluxe Above Ground Pool Kit

18′ Round 54″ Deep Deluxe Above Ground Pool Kit (AG-PP-3218)


18′ Round 54″ Deep Deluxe Above Ground Pool Kit

The 18′ Round 54″ Deep Deluxe Above Ground Pool Kit is a fresh new blend of good looks, great design, and long-lasting solidity. It’s easy to install and guaranteed for decades, this is a true investment in summer fun and was the Honorable mention winner. The Deluxe pool walls are resin-coated corrugated steel with a stainless steel access panel, providing protection against corrosion, gasket failure, and water leaks. The 9″ Top seat and uprights are both injection-molded Resin, eliminating corrosion risks and guaranteeing long-term dependability. With Resin Top and Bottom rails, you can rest assured that adding a salt water system won’t damage your pool!

Features You Will Love!

  • 54″ Steel Wall
  • 9″ Resin Top Seat
  • 12 Uprights – 6″ Resin
  • Resin Top & Bottom Track
  • Resin Top & Bottom Connectors
  • Stainless Steel Access Panel
  • Salt Water Approved
  • Installation Manual – Deluxe Installation Manual

Details You Will Love

Top Ledge

  • 9″ injection-molded top ledge
  • Incorporates multi-ribbed supports for optimum stability
  • Features a sophisticated-looking metallic logo
  • Two-color contrast provides incredible style


  • 6″ injection-molded upright, with extra depth for greater stability
  • Three-dimensional injection-molding means greater detail and solidity
  • Stylish metallic ring at the top of the upright

 Bottom Snap-in Joiner Plate

  • Joiner plate attaches to uprights using a snap-in system, no hardware required!!
  • Smooth, quick installation into upright
  • Made of resin: solid and corrosion-proof

Deluxe Above Ground Pool Kits

If you’re handy with a screwdriver, then you can easily assemble your own above ground pool kit! We’ve designed each pool to make installation problem-free — no multi-sized washers or nuts to worry about. Just one large screw type is used to assemble the entire pool and we provide easy-to-follow instructions.

Our above ground pool kits include pool walls, top rails, bottom rails, and uprights. Please select your desired pump/filter, liner, ladder, PVC Piping, Fittings and any other accessories that might be needed to complete your swimming pool kit. Pool Warehouse carries only the best above ground pools! The final price indicated is the entire price to have your order delivered to your curb by common carrier truck delivery. The driver is not required to unload (although most will help) so you should have some help available to unload your order.

The Deluxe is not intended for diving. These above ground pool kits are designed for swimming only.

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Steel Pool Walls

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Deluxe Above Ground Pool Brochure


Installation Instructions


Model Pretium Ohana Mt Loch Sterling Silver Sea
Wall Height 52″ 52″ 52″ 52″ 52″
Top Ledge 6″ 7″ 6″ 9″ 9″
Upright 5″ 5″ 5″ 7″ 7″
Bottom Rail Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel
Salt Water Compatible No No No No No
Warranty 1/10 2/20 2/20 2/20 2/20
Model Century Magnus Regency Deluxe Dubai
Wall Height 52″ 54″ 54″ 54″ 54″
Top Ledge 9″ 7″ 7″ 8″ 8″
Upright 7″ 5″ 6″ 6″ 6″
Bottom Rail Steel Resin Resin Resin Resin
Salt Water Compatible No Yes* Yes Yes Yes
Warranty 2/20 3/25 3/25 5/30 3/25
Model Lakeland Mystique Westport Riviera Zanzibar
Wall Height 52″ 52″ 52″ 48″ 54″
Top Ledge 8″ 8″ 7″ 4″ 8″
Upright 8″ 7″ 7″ 3″ 8″
Bottom Rail Steel Steel Steel Steel Steel
Salt Water Compatible No No No No No
Warranty 2/20 2/20 2/20 2/20 2/20
Model Belize Martinique Brentwood Tennessean
Wall Height 52″ 52″ 52″ 54″
Top Ledge 6″ 7″ 7″ 8″
Upright 8″ 8″ 7″ 6″
Bottom Rail Steel Steel Resin Resin
Salt Water Compatible No No No Yes
Warranty 2/20 2/20 2/20 2/20
Belize Round Above Ground Pool-section Martinique Above Ground Pool-section

Installation Guide

Deluxe Round Above Ground Pool Installation Guide

Gallons Per Size

Above Ground Pools - Gallons Per Size