21' Round 54" Deep Zanzibar Above Ground Pool Package

A 21' Round 54" Deep Zanzibar Above Ground Pool Package looks great and will give your family years of exciting fun! The resin top rails will never rust, corrode or dent like steel top rails. Constructed of thick gauge steel, the strongest material used in above-ground pool construction, the Zanzibar is rugged and durable. Advanced coating techniques ensure this pool will not rust or corrode during normal use. It is impervious to water or chemical damage and is loaded with UV inhibitors to protect it from sunlight. 8" curved resin top-rail system. 8" Verticals are made from rugged, baked enamel Steel. 8" Seat Covers blend seamlessly with the Top Ledge.

Features You Will Love!

  • 54" Steel Pool Walls
  • Top Seat - 8" Resin Top Rails
  • Top Track - Steel
  • Top Connector - Steel
  • Bottom Track - Steel
  • Bottom Connector - Steel
  • Uprights - Steel

Kit Price Includes Everything You Need!

If you’re handy with a screwdriver, then you can easily assemble your own Martinique above ground pool kit! We’ve designed each pool to make installation problem-free — no multi-sized washers or nuts to worry about. Just one large screw type is used to assemble the entire pool and we provide easy-to-follow instructions.

Included in Pool Kit

Above Ground Pool Kit Package
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